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CZ antique rings, 14k white gold, cubic zirconia estate jewelry, victorian & art-deco antique jewelry styles

Click on Pictures for Details & Ordering... Our 14k white gold CZ Antique rings are all hand-finished, top-quality  reproductions. CZ Rings are pictured in our standard/stock color... Most are available in either White or Yellow gold. Most popular styles/colors are in stock. These Russian CZ's are more precisely cut & polished from the finest cubic zirconia crystals.

antique engagement ring
Matches A118
antique wedding band
$129.95  NEW!!!
Matches A119
antique floral solitaire
1½ carat... $169.95
3 carat...  $189.95
antique ring, antique rings
#A105  2ctw $169.95

antique jewelry, antique 3 stone, past present future
#A103- $149.95  antique cz jewelry

cz white gold rings
antique cz jewelry
SALE $169.95

engagement antique rings
#A104.. 1 Ct Solitiare
wedding bands antique wedding rings
#A108   $129.95
   antique cz jewelry
antique 3 stone rings
#A110  2½ctw $199.95
antique anniversary ring
#A107  1 ctw  $159.95

Best fits for a "Set"..
#A104,  #A105,  #A110,  #A111  w/ bands #A108 or #A107 

estate rings, antique rings
1 ctw.. $129.95
antique emerald cut, cubic zirconia ring
#A106 $199.95  
antique trillion ring, cubic zirconia engagement ring
#A111  $199.95
new.gif (1369 bytes)  
cubic zirconia 3 stone ring
NEW... $149.95  
3- ½ ct stones
antiqe bezel set
antique cz jewelry  
1 carat... $129.95

antique princess cut ring
2 ct Princess... $149.95

victorian rings
1/2 ct... $129.95

antique marquis ring

victorian rings, antique wedding rings
# 17266L   3ct + 8-.02ct...  $249.95 
3 ct center w/.02 ct side stones

antique wedding rings, antique engagement ring
#17095L    1ct+ 8-.02ct... $229.95  
1 ct center w/ .02 ct side stones

antique anniversary
#2169   $129.95

White Only
cz jewelry
2053   $99.95

CZ jewelry, antique jewelry
SALE $129.95

SALE $129.95

white gold, platinum, custom jewelry, cz white gold rings
#2114   $129.95
White & Yellow

antique jewelry, white gold, platinum, custom jewelry, Antique Jewelry styles, cz white gold rings,, white gold cz jewelry, custom jewelry, 14k cz jewelery, cubic zirconia rings, antique reproductions
#2065    $159.95

antique solitaire
#2063   $139.95

cz antiqe ring
#2328   $129.95

antique wedding set
Introductory Price $199.95 (set)
1 ct center

rose gold
A108R.. $149.95 
antique engagement cathedral
#552798 $129.95
victorian earrings
Also available in yellow gold
victorian pendant
#8246  $89.95
Also available in yellow gold
antique earrings
2 ctw 
cz earrings

The Scroll Collection...   Simple, yet Elegant

antique cz ring
SALE $99.95
1 & 2 ct

antique matching band
#S102B $79.95
  for 1 or 2 ct 

antique scroll pendant 
#1898- $49.95  

1 & 2 ct

cubic zirconia pendant
#1898R8- $74.95 

1 & 2 ct

marquis antique ring
S102M...  1 ct.. $129.95

emerald antique ring
#S102E...  $129.95  
1½ ct Emerald/Radiant Cut
White Only
emerald cz pendants
#1907...  $59.95  
antique scroll earrings
#1924- $69.95 
1 & 2 ctw
baguette round
antique princess trillion ring
14k  $179.95

antique 3 stone princess cz ring

antique ring
½ ct
antique rings, white gold cz jewelry, custom jewelry design, cushion cut
Renaissance antique/cushion cut
$149.95  NEW!
Click picture for larger view & details


2 ct center
HOT!!!  NEW!!

For Moissanite jewelry please click Moissanite Jewelry 

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