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Competitor Comparison

This page will show a comparison chart of online retailers that sell 14k gold cz jewelry.

Our prices are dramatically lower for the same exact pieces. Its simple with "ziamond" your paying for a brand name. Their quality, service, shipping, etc is no better then ours.  They are simply overpriced with much less customer service and care.  CZjewels seems to be more "fair" but their prices and shipping times are not quite as good as ours.  Our personal service is unmatchable.  We have had customers in the past who purchased items elsewhere and actually sent their rings back to us to mount our stones in them (we have discounted labor charges and loose stone prices for repeat customers).  Ziamond & CZJewels sell some of the same items at a much higher price!  There is no doubt that larger companies such as JCPenney, HSN, Etc..  cannot provide the quality and service like a small family business such as ours. Many of these larger companies are ordering massive quantities of Chinese made jewelry that is lightweight and poor quality.  They are also unable to service and make it easy for exchanges, repairs, returns, etc.

Please compare for yourself, check out our competitors then come back to where I am sure you'll be 100% satisfied. 
We exceed expectations daily!


Company Return Policy Shipping Times Item Prices Misc. Information
30 days
0-10% restocking fees (regardless of finger size)
Sizing charges non refundable
0% cancellation fee
Shipping non refundable
Simple, Easy Customization, Modification, and Addition to Orders.
1-4 business days 3 Prong Earrings
14k Gold with or without Screwbacks

Less Expensive!
We will clean, inspect, and rhodium plate our items at no charge for a lifetime. All stones carry a lifetime warranty. 
No rush fees.  We will figure out the return/exchange if you forget to leave off the return authorization number.
Ziamond 10 days
0-20% restocking fees
35% cancellation fee
Rings below a 6 or above a 7 will be charged a 20% restocking fee. Items purchased for viewing will have restocking fees. You cannot modify an order, it must be reordered. 35% cancellation fee on special orders. $25.00 restocking fee on all cancelled orders and in addition sizing fees and rush fees are non refundable.
10+ business days 3 Prong Earrings
14k Gold w/ or w/o Screwbacks

The most expensive on the internet!
1 year warranty.  Rush fees apply (cost?) Must have return authorization number or they will refuse the package. Only accepts American Express for International Orders.

Modify an existing order
Once an order has been placed and you have completed the checkout process, an order can not be changed. You will need to cancel the order and place a new order.

Jewelers Direct 10 days
0-20% restocking fees
Ring sizes under 4 or over 8 are special order
Some items in 14k white gold are also considered special order. 20% restocking fee if ordering more then 3 items.
2-14 business days 3 Prong Earrings
14k Gold w/o Screwbacks N/A
More expensive than us!
$35.00 charge to clean/refinish your rings
Cubic Jewelry 10 days for return
15 days for exchange
0-20% restocking fees
Shipping non refundable
Rings below a 6 or above a 7 will be charged a 20% restocking fee. Orders for 3 or more items also carry a 20% restocking fee and after 10 days a 20% restocking fee applies.
10-14 business days 3 Prong Earrings
14k Gold w/ Screwbacks
Double our price!
Worn items are non refundable. Must have return authorization number or they will refuse the package.

Click Here to view all our special order and custom CZ Jewelry

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