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Basic stone cutting procedure for Cubic zirconia (CZ) & most other hand cut gemstones.
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moissanite preform STEP 1:
The large single CZ crystals
are cut into "preforms"


moissanite dop STEP 2:
The preform is attached to
guidance tool, or a "dop"
moissanite pavilion STEP 3:
Using a grinding process,
the pavilion (lower portion)
of the stone is formed.


moissanite girdle STEP 4:
The girdle (edge) of the
stone is cut & polished
moissanite pavilion facets STEP 5:
The pavilion facets are cut


moissanite pavilion facets STEP 6:
The pavilion facets are polished
moissanite crown STEP 7:
The stone is re-attached to the
dop with the top of the stone
exposed. The crown (upper side)
facets are cut.


moissanite table STEP 8:
The table (top) of the stone
is polished
moissanite finished stone The finished stone    



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