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Information and Education about our Cubic Zirconia Jewelry
Cubic Zirconia Stone Information:

This CZ education page has information about:

CZ Stone Cutting & Polishing
Cubic Zirconia Composition
Cubic Zirconia Durability
Caring for your CZ Jewelry
Cleaning CZ Jewelry
Our CZ Stone lifetime warranty
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CZ Stone Information
Sample Cubic Zirconia Photos:

Loose CZ Jewelry Stones
Gold CZ Jewelry Pictures:

14k Gold CZ Jewelry
Gold CZ Jewerly Information:

Pure Gold is 24 karat, and is naturally yellow in color. It is a soft metal, and maybe too soft for daily wear.  Gold is a very stong metal, but very malleable making it ideal for jewelry.
24k gold is mixed with other metals to make it more durable. Once mixed the karat of the gold decreases depending on how much of the item is gold versus other metals. The type of other metals and their color determines the color and karat of the finished product.
Gold does not react with oxygen the way silver or copper do. Therefore it does not rust or tarnish. Gold is a natural element and can be altered by the use of chemicals. We recommend you remove your jewelry before using cleaning products.

14k Yellow Gold Information:

Is a mixture of 24k Gold (approx. 60%) and other metals called alloys (approx. 40%). 14k Yellow Gold is commonly mixed with copper and silver so it will retain the bright yellow gold color. 14k Yellow gold is a perfect balance between precious metal and
other more durable metals and is perfect for jewelry. 14k Gold is the most popular karat gold in the United States.

Unfortunately due to variation in computer monitor settings and photography of jewelry variations photos may not accurately show the color of our 14k yellow gold products.
14k Yellow Gold CZ Jewelry Pictures

14k Yellow Gold Cubic Zirconia Jewelry
14k White gold CZ Jewelry Pictures

14k White Gold cubic zirconia Jewelry
14k White Gold Information:

Is a mixture of the traditional 24 karat gold (which is yellow) with white metals. It is mixed inthe same ratio as other 14k gold metals (6040).14k white gold as become very popular of the last decade. It is visually similar to platinum a much more expensive metal.  It is standard that all white jewelry metals are plated with rhodium a rare metal that is similar to platinum but much more durable. This plating gives 14k white gold a layer of extra protection from surface scratches while also providing additional whiteness. 
Rhodium plating will wear over time, but plating is a very easy process and should be standard in any cleaning and repair.
Sterling Silver Information:

The term sterling silver refers specifically to silver that is composed of 92.5% Silver and 7.5% other metals or alloys. 100% silver is too soft to be useable in the jewelry manufacturing process. Even still, silver is a softer metal that 14k Gold, which, makes it  less expensive. Most of the cost in producing Sterling Silver jewelry is in the design, craftsmanship, and labor cost to make the piece.  Additionally, silver reacts with air making it prone to tarnishing and discoloration.
Tarnish remover can be used at home and a simple "dip" in the solution removes any tarnish. Similar to 14k White gold Sterling Silver is Rhodium plated. This plating will prevent tarnishing for a while, but it will eventually wear off. Many Sterling silver items are also Nickel plated to maintain the shiny finish. This nickel plating takes longer to wear off. Our pieces comestandard both nickel and Rhodium plated so they keep their shine.

Sterling Silver CZ Jewelry Pictures

Sterling Silver CZ Jewelry
Platinum CZ Jewelry Pictures

Platinum CZ Jewelry
Platinum CZ Jewelry Information:

Platinum Jewelry is growing in popularity with the increase in the cost of gold. Platinum is a much more rare metal than gold. It is also a much more pure metal being malleable at 95% purity. This increase in purity makes platinum jewelry ideal for those with sensitive skin. It is naturally hypoallergenic. Because of it's increased density it is much heavier and can more securely hold Diamond and CZ Stones. Platinum is naturally a white metal and does not require the replating that sterling silver and white gold require. Platinum is more durable, retains it's luster and color forever, it is perfect for securing stones, and naturally hypoallergenic!
We recomend platinum above all other precious metals.


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