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CZ jewelry with the finest quality cubic zirconia.

For over 30 years Jewelers Studio has been offering high quality cz jewelry. We offer everything in cubic zirconia from our unique line of antique jewelry styles to traditional cubic zirconia jewelry, cz rings, cz earrings, pendants, and bracelets. Our wedding rings and wedding sets are sure to impress. Immaculate quality and great priced jewelry are just a few of the reasons why we exceed expectations daily

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Our Russian Cubic Zirconia Jewelry is set with the finest cubic zirconia stones available. Just as there are many different grades of diamonds, there are also many different grades of cubic zirconia. Superior cutting & polishing, for maximum brilliance, create a noticeable difference between our Russian CZ and the conventional grades of cubic zirconia which are mass produced and commercially cut with minimal finishing techniques. Selected from the finest cubic zirconia crystals, experienced cutters facet and hand polish each Russian CZ to the same specifications used for diamonds (set forth by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America), So you will always be assured that your Russian CZ is of the best quality & to exact diamond cutting standards. When these cubic zirconia are compared to fine diamonds, many experts can not distinguish the difference without the aid of sophisticated gemological equipment. Russian CZ's have a dispersion greater than diamond, and this produces an abundance of color play & "fire". Our fake diamonds are suitable for the finest quality cubic zirconia jewelry, cz ring, engagement rings & other fine cubic zirconia jewelry.

From traditional to modern 3 stone ring and engagement rings, we've got it all!

Our famous line of antique rings, earrings and pendants.  All high quality heavy mountings!


501 Florida Central Parkway #520052
Longwood, FL 32752


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