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Cubic Zirconia Diamond Engagement Ring Settings in solid 14 karat gold.

These Items are available as Semi Mounts to fit your stones.  Items can be ordered blank.
These settings are all high quality diamond grade mountings.


#A100 - New!
Stock item with 1 or 2 carat round or princess cut stone!


#A107P  1 ctw

Matching cz wedding band
Princess cuts
wedding bands antique wedding rings
Matching antique wedding band

A303S NEW!
Fitted Matching Bridal Engagement Ring and Band
2 carat total weight


1 ct -
1.5 ct -
2 ct -

Matches A208

Mens A108 (6mm wide)

matches A108 & A107
antique engagement ring
Matches A118
antique wedding band
Matches A119
antique victorian engagement ring
Princess CZ Victorian Band
Matches A118

3 stone Victorian Rings
Matches A118

Best fits for a "Set"..
#A404, A104,  #A105,  #A110,  #A111, #A111P  w/ bands #A108 or #A107 

engagement antique rings
#A104.. 1 Ct Solitiare
wedding bands antique wedding rings
antique 3 stone rings
#A110  2½ctw
antique anniversary ring
#A107  1 ctw

estate rings, antique rings
1 ctw.

antique trillion ring, cubic zirconia engagement ring
antique ring, antique rings
#A105  2ctw

antique floral solitaire

antique princess trillion ring
Matching band available (heavy) SOLD OUT

3 stone princess cut

cubic zirconia 3 stone ring
3- ½ ct stones

(1 carat)
Call to order
Antique Lucern Ring
Matching Band Available

antique engagement cathedral

antique 3 stone princess cz ring

3 stone princes cut

antique marquis ring

antiqe bezel set
1 carat

antique princess cut ring
2 ct Princess

victorian rings
1/2 ct.

antique ring
½ ct

2 ct center w/ 10 - .02 ct side stones

# 17266L   3ct + 8-.02ct...  
3 ct center w/ 10 - .02 ct side stones

#17095L    1ct+ 8-.02ct..  
1 ct center w/ 8 - .02 ct side stones

antique jewelry, antique 3 stone, past present future
 Matching band available (heavy) CALL!


antique wedding set

1 ct center

1 carat (matching cz engagement ring and wedding band)

antique cz ring
1 & 2 ct

antique matching band
1 & 2 ct

antique scroll pendant 

1 & 2 ct

cubic zirconia pendant

1 & 2 ct

marquis antique ring
S102M...  1 ct..

emerald antique ring
1½ ct Emerald/Radiant Cut
White Only
emerald cz pendants
antique scroll earrings
1 & 2 ctw

moissanite solstice
Stuller® Solstice Solitare
1 ct..
Matching Band 

past, present, future
Lucern 3 stone ring
1-5mm / 2-4mm.
  2 ctw
3-stone moissanite rings


2 - 3.5mm   1/3 ctw
Matches S101


Yellow or White
Stone sizes from ½ ct & up

3mm Band..

1 carat - 2 carat

cz engagement ring

Yellow or White

S201P - CALL!
1 carat
2 carat


$179.95 - CALL!


cz engagement ring
 cubic zirconia engagement ring

Yellow or White
contemporary cz ring
Lucern Solitaire (heavy)
Matches HR112

Extra Thick/Heavy
4mm band
Matches S112

anniversary rings
½ ctw / 5- 3mm stones

anniversary ring
½ ctw / 5- 3mm stones

anniversary bands
1 ctw / 4- 4mm stones

101997.jpg (7055 bytes)
1 ctw


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