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To ensure safety of your credit card information and our company networks security we have hired a third party company
to test our systems from potential hackers.  Our website and computer networks are secure, so your can feel confident
and comfortable that your information is safe and secure!

SecurityMetrics has determined that Jewelers Studio, INC is COMPLIANT with the PCI scan validation requirement for this computer. Congratulations, the computer passes because no risk of 4 or more was found. 

You may now use the SecurityMetrics Certified logo. Your Site Certification ID is: 576507.

Attackers typically use footprinting, port scanning and security vulnerability testing to find security weaknesses on computers. This report provides information on each of these categories.

Find public information regarding this IP, which an attacker could use to gain access: IP Information

Port Scan
Attackers use a port scan to find out what programs are running on your computer. Most programs have known security weaknesses. Disable any unnecessary programs listed below.
Risk Breakdown
Port Scan
Protocol Port Program Status Summary Turn Off
ICMP Ping   Denied Your computer is not answering ping requests. Hackers use Ping to scan the Internet to see if computers will answer. Your computer is not answering, which is a good security practice.  

Security Vulnerabilities Solution Plan
The following section lists all security vulnerabilities detected on your system. All vulnerability risk scores 4 or greater are marked in red and must be resolved to become PCI compliant. Denial-of-Service vulnerabilities are also marked in red but they do not affect your PCI compliance status. Each vulnerability is ranked on a scale from 0 to 10, with 10 being critical.


Security Vulnerabilities
Protocol Port Program Risk Summary
TCP   general/tcp 0 Synopsis : It was possible to resolve the name of the remote host. Description : SMetrics was able to resolve the FQDN of the remote host. Solution: n/a Risk Factor: None
UDP   general/udp 0 Synopsis : It was possible to obtain traceroute information. Description : Makes a traceroute to the remote host. Solution: n/a Risk Factor: None


Welcome Jewelers Studio! You are currently PCI Compliant
PCI Compliance 

Congratulations, you are PCI compliant! Your PCI compliance status will automatically be reported to your merchant processor.

Expiration: 13.Apr.2011
Site Certification 

SecurityMetrics has determined that JSW, INC is COMPLIANT with the PCI scan validation requirement.

Questionnaire (SAQ) 

Type: SAQ D 1.2


501 Florida Central Parkway #520052
Longwood, FL 32752


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