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We would like to thank all of our customers who provided their feedback. We assure to give you our full time and attention on every order. We will also try to keep our prices as low as possible while maintaining our stringent quality standards.
Submit Your Testimonial

Name:      Donna C

CityState: Baron Rouge, LA

OMG, they are absolutely gorgeous ....they look so real, between you and I they are REAL:) 14k Gold Rose Antique/Scroll Style CZ Zirconia Earrings (2 carat total).  Thank You!

Name:      Alicia

CityState: Virginia

I had ordered a few items from you about six years ago and was just amazed at the quality of the CZs and the settings. I since have ordered from Cubic Jewelry and JTV's Bella Luce line and have been disappointed. I love other items from JTV, just not the Bella Luce. Cubic Jewelry was my most disappointing experience. The quality of the settings were terrible and cost three times E14K's prices and it took forever to get my item. I decided to truly test the quality of your CZ's verses the very expensive Cubic Jewelry ones. I took one of your loose CZs and one of their CZs that were the same size into two local jewelers that were GIA certified and told them I had accidentally mixed up my real diamond with a CZ and could they help me find out which one was the real diamond. Both jewelers grabbed the E14K CZ and stated that it must be the real diamond before proceeding to test it. Both jewelers were really surprised to find that your CZ was not a real diamond! They said the quality of the material of your CZ and the way the stone was faceted was just outstanding! I can't wait to find a setting so I can have the loose stones that I just got from you set with some colored gemstones that I have! I know it will be beautiful! Thank you so much for continuing to make top quality products at amazing prices! I will be back for more!

Name:      Marilyn

CityState: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I have now had my CZ wedding set A404 and A108 for 4 1/2 years and I am still getting compliments on them. A404 still sparkles the same as the day I got it. I wish I could keep a secret (that they aren't actual diamonds) but after the compliment I always send them know your website.

 Thanks for best un kept secret!


Name:      LJ

CityState: Boston, MA

I can't say enough about the asscher earrings I special ordered through your site!  I have been hesitant to order czs because so many I have seen have looked so fake.  These look just like the real thing, even next to my real stones.  The earrings are very professionally set, and every interaction I have had with this company has been just great.  Very speedy shipping, even on special orders!  Thanks so much, I will definitely return for another order!

Name:      Vanessa

CityState: Farmington Hills, MI

Thank you for the AMAZING customer service & extremely fast shipping. I NEVER imagined such a beautiful ring...I got compliments on the first day!! The stone looks amazingly real and you  a customer for life!



Name:      Pam Evans

CityState: Richmond, VA

For my 5 year anniversary I wanted to upgrade my 1cttw 3-stone moissanite engagement ring to a 2.5cttw 3-stone Engagement ring. First I purchased one from JC Penneys, which was nice but the setting was so thin.. I ended up returning it. Then I purchased one from same thing- the setting looked so much heavier in the picture then it really was. Disappointed, I went to my local jeweler and had them add gold to the setting. BIG MISTAKE! It turned out a TOTAL MESS! The setting was lumpy, deformed, COMPLETELY ruined! They told me I could buy a 2mm thick setting for $2000.00.. So I searched the internet trying to find the perfect ring once again. I came across and found item# S1134 for only $1200.00. I was thrilled! I emailed and was assured of the heaviness and quality of the setting! I just received this ring in the mail yesterday. I AM SOOOOO THRILLED! It's AMAZING! My absolutely PERFECT Dream Ring!!!!! I’M SO IN-LOVE WITH IT!!!!!

Thank you so much!

Name:      Brenda

CityState: Upstate, NY 

I am very happy with the work done on my wedding set.  I have a 20 yr old wedding set that includes a very small engagement ring with a wrap around wedding ring that hasn't fit me in years.  I wanted to buy a new engagement ring with a larger stone, but not too large. I found that most CZ rings were just too large to look believable.  That's when I found  They fully customized my order.  I picked out a 3/4 ct stone for them to make me a new solitaire engagement ring and when the new ring didn't fit into the setting of my wrap band I sent both rings back, they made an adjustment to the setting so it would fit.  It's absolutely beautiful.  They sized both my new ring and my 20yr old wedding band!  They put such a shine on my old wedding ring it looks brand new!  They were super fast too, less than 2 weeks (FL to NY) and that's including the return for the adjustment and sizing!  This was my first time using e14k and I think I'll be back.  Thank you!

Name:      Kathy Carpenter

CityState: Oologah, Oklahoma

I own two of your antique rings and I love them like no other. I gave or my daughter took my A107 and it was stolen from her car at school. We replaced the broken window in the car but I have not been able to replace this ring yet. I wish there really was a Santa Claus. This is my wish for Christmas. size 5 1.5carat      Please Please Please I have been SOoooooooo GOOD. :)

Name:      JACKIE



Name:      OLIVE


I ordered a 3Ct.,Tiffany style Solitaire in Yellow Gold, It arrived and when i opened the box i could not believe my eyes. It is the most beautiful ring i have ever seen. I always wanted a Tiffany Solitaire but needless to say could not afford it. I had looked at many sites during the past year and just happened upon Jewelers Studio by chance. I was amazed at the prices and thought there had to be a catch, but I can honestly say there are none. MY ring is soo beautiful and it looks so real a friend who has a sister whose a jeweler in Galway ( I live in Ireland) could not tell that it was not a real Diamond. I am soo thrilled with it. The 3CT., size is not too big with the 6prong Tiffany Setting .It is beyond my expectations. I cannot thank you enough for giving me the ring of my dreams. I will be a return customer. I hope to have them make a ring with a 5CT.PEAR SHAPED stone . I cannot wait. I love this company. Thank you soo much , my husband is delighted with the ring also -it was a gift from him. I am only sorry that i did not come across their site years ago, I could have had all the beautiful rings i wanted at a fraction of the cost of my real diamonds which look small and dull in comparison .Jewelers Studio a BIG THANK YOU.


Name:      Bea

CityState: New Bern, NC


I received my cathedral ring with the round fiery 2 carat Russian Brilliant; it arrived so fast. Wow!! is the word for this ring. The dynamic sparkle sets it apart from some genuine diamonds I've seen. I also want to say thank you for such a smooth transaction over the phone. You seem to be a very understanding and caring person, and I certainly appreciate those qualities. This ring is a vibrant and colorful stand-out in my collection.

Sincerely, Bea

Name:      Kristyn Drews

CityState: Omaha NE

Exceptional workmanship.  I sent an existing ring to have the stone replaced and have the gold polished.  The stone is absolutely gorgeous and the ring looks like brand new. I am very happy with the quality of their products, I highly recommend this company.  Kristyn

Name:      Karen Egesdahl

CityState: Junction City, OR

I Ordered a pair of 1/3 Carat earrings and just received them.  They are beautiful/sparkly.  I love them and will be glad to tell all my family and friends.  Thanks so much.

Name:      cathy chandler

CityState: peoria ,az

I ordered a ring (even customized) had it within a week. It does not look cheap or phony.. I absolutely love it!!!!

Name:      Audra Pursley

CityState: Saint Louis Missouri

I purchased my ring from, a sister site to and jewelers studio.  I decided on the #204 antique 14k white gold with filigree design and 1 ct moissanite to replace my wedding ring that was lost.  THIS IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL RING I HAVE EVER SEEN!!  The craftsmanship, the brilliance of the stone is more than I could have ever hoped for.  It is sturdy and heavy and stunning.  This ring is the ring I had envisioned getting from the beginning and it costs a fraction of what my husband spent on my original ring.  I think that everyone is wary of buying jewelry from the internet and especially something that is fairly expensive.  My ring was one of the styles that took a delay in making and all the while, he indulged my countless emails asking after it and  even apologized that it was taking as long as it was and upgraded my shipping to priority at no cost!  This moissanite ring is exquisite and I will surely be coming back for more!  Please, before you would entertain buying a diamond, look at the website and make a smart choice. 

Audra Pursley

St Louis Mo

Name:      Tina

CityState: Bonita Springs, FL

About three years ago I purchased an antique style three stone cubic zirconia white gold ring from you and three years later, the stones are still as brilliant, sharp and sparkly as they were the day I purchased it. I real feel like I got more than my money's worth!! The style # is A103. If you have a suggestion for one of your non-matching wedding bands that will harmonize with this ring, or if a matching band is forthcoming, let me know because I would LOVE to make a wedding set out of this ring. I will definitely be purchasing other pieces in the near future!!

Name:      Chris Meile

CityState: St. Gallen, Switzerland

I am highly satisfied. This was my second order that I already made. I liked the item (3 stone ring) very much. The only thing to improve is the tracking device from cause according to this my item was 10 day in Florida but infact the item was sent on time.

Cheers Chris

Name:      Betsy Ellvinger

CityState: Santa. Fe, New Mexico

Everything I have ordered is gorgeous and absolutely of high quality. Samantha is fantastic to work with and I will keep ordering from here as long as I am able. If you have the opportunity to order the moissanite jewelery it is so beautiful and I prefer to wear it instead of the diamonds that I have because it is just so much nicer.

Name:      Susan

CityState: GA

Wow...I am so delighted and impressed with my rings...they are absolutely stunning! I ordered A105 and A107 in rose gold. They are very solidly made and yet still delicate and feminine. I left the center stone blank in A105 so that I could put in my husband's grandmother's ruby from the 1920's (which was originally set in rose gold). I now have the ring set of my dreams...A105 and A107 look beautiful together and the super, super sparkly czs set the ruby off perfectly. Thank you so much for your very fast turn around and your excellent customer service!!! I will send all who comment on my ring your way!

Name:      Lynn

CityState: Dallas, TX

I ordered the 2.0 carat c.z. solitaire ring and it is absolutely beautiful! I have a friend who owns a 2.0 diamond solitaire, and we were afraid to mix them up because they were identical in every way and there was absolutely no way to tell the difference! I am thrilled with this ring and would encourage anyone who is shopping for a c.z. to buy from beieve 100% that you will be as excited about your purchase as I am!

Name:      Barbara
CityState: Tucson, AZ

Thank you very much for a lovely, lovely ring.  I knew it would be gorgeous from all the rave comments on your testimonials, but it looks so beautiful in real life.  For my second marriage, at 61, I did not need a diamond, but my boyfriend said how is someone going to know you are engaged...and insisted on an engagement ring.  I showed him your rings, and told him I would be most happy to wear one of yours.  It arrived this past Monday, and proposed to me last night.  Thank you again for a gorgeous ring, and I look forward to picking one out for him.

Name:      Wendy

CityState: Santa Rosa, CA.

I can't begin to tell you how satisfied I am with my purchase. I have been searching for months for a new ring! I lost my diamond from my first wedding set months ago, and didn't want to settle with just any ordinary band from a dept. store. I decided I wanted an antique ring and did an internet search. came up. I narrowed it down to a dozen and couldn't make up my mind! So may great selections. With the help of my husband we decided to buy #A106 in white gold. It arrived today!! When I opened it, I turned the box to my three amazing kids and showed them first. The look on their faces were priceless. Just the amazement from them was perfect enough for me. I can't begin to tell you how perfect it is. The band is gorgeous. The cut of the stone and the clarity is beyond anything I expected for a CZ. Not to mention great customer service and extremely fast shipping. Purely amazing! Thanks you E14K!! 

Name:      Rebecca
CityState: DE

My husband and I started out with a promise ring.  After 14 years I broke the tiny diamond scraping paint. At that time my husband was injured and off work.  We had a friend who worked from her home and I was able to get a small 3 stone ring but with nice diamonds.  Everything else has been cz online or trying things from some of the jewelry stores going under the last few years.  Most of them had diamonds full of snow and  shanks 1/16th of an inch wide. I had always hoped for a solitaire with a sturdy shank.  I just couldn't believe how heavy the white gold set was when it arrived from here. I went to the jeweler who had cleaned my 3 stone ring and he said he could not get a shank that heavy at his cost for that price. He had a slightly bigger 3 stone ring there for a higher price but the stones were so yellow I walked.  The CZ's here are the first thing I have seen that can sit next to my small but real 3 stone ring and not look fake. And most of us could never afford 2 and a half carats of decent diamonds now without a second mortgage. I only regret paying FAR too much for a widely advertized on-line CZ place only to find the CZ dull, the baguettes worse and the shank not polished. To top it off  the amount of gold holding it together is worth less than $50 in scrap. It looks awful next to these. They may serve the stars and show their stuff on TV morning shows but you are soaking yourself if you don't check things out here.

I am pleased that you are happy with the jewelry you purchased from us and we definitely appreciate the business.  You will get high quality settings and stones through us at great prices because we manufacture many of our own items. We are NOT ordering tons of lightweight poor quality Chinese made jewelry like QVC and each of our pieces are hand crafted here in good ole America!

Again, thanks for your business,

Name:      Reannen Steffensen

CityState: Phoenix, Arizona

My wedding ring was stolen on the plane on the way to Hawaii for my wedding so I was stuck with just my engagement ring. I got pregnant and wasn't able to wear my engagement ring either. So my husband told me to pick out a new one and I chose the A110 ring and I love love LOVE it!!! Looks so perfect on my finger. Just the right size!! I cannot wait to order the matching band for my anniversary in November!

Name:      Donna

CityState: Northern VA 

I'm not sure if they would allow a 3rd testimonial but I thought I would try just in case.  I've already written 2 testimonials on a 1.5 ct solitaire Tiffany style ring I bought recently b/c I love it so much and have received so many compliments on it.  I wanted to write one more only b/c of what happened last week.  I have an excellent jeweler who is a diamond expert (he trains gemologists on how to purchase high quality diamonds) and who only carries the best diamonds (not the diamonds you can get from chain stores).  He has been in the business over 30 years and is honest.  I went to visit him last week for a repair on a ring for my mother and while I was there, his assistant (who is also an expert, having been trained by my jeweler) asked if I wanted my rings cleaned.  I gave him the e14k ring that I had bought and when he came back, he asked me where I got my cz (he knew it was a cz b/c I told him I was getting a cz from this site before I had the ring).  I said from this website and he said it was fantastic and the best he's seen. He said no one would ever know it's not real and he went on and on about how good this cz was (unlike other cz's).  This is coming from a diamond expert.  I know, as I said, this is my 3rd testimonial but I really cannot give this company enough praise for having beautiful jewelry at such an excellent price.  I really don't plan to ever buy a real diamond again, as long as Jewelers Studio is in business.  I just ordered cz studs and cannot wait to get them.  If you don't want to spend the money and want something gorgeous and real looking, I would not hesitate to order from e14k.  Thank you again and again!

Donna, I am pleased that you are happy with your purchases.  Be rest assured that we will never go out of business. Let me know if I can be of any further assistance to you.  I appreciate the positive testimonial and your business.  Hope to do business again in the future!

Name:      JB

CityState: Vermont

Well, I just got my second ring from Jewelers studio.  I ordered a 2 ctw three stone to start with, and it was absolutely gorgeous, but I have very small hands and it just looked to large on my hand.  I exchanged it for a 1.5 ctw three stone, and it's just what I wanted.  I just compared this ring to my "real diamond" ring, and you can't tell the difference at all.  Dominic was very patient and helpful with my order and my exchange.  I absolutely love this ring, and only have good things to say about my experience with the company.  Thank you so much.

Name:      Brooke A.
CityState: Marysville, Washington

Omg! This ring is beautiful. I got the 1ct v shape prong princess cut. It is breath taking. I will never buy a "real" diamond ever again. I'm a customer for life and will be ordering again. Thank you so much for making beautiful rings at a very affordable price.

Name:      Donna
CityState: Northern VA

I just recently wrote a review about the 1.5 solitaire ring I received from Jewelers Studio.  I just wanted to add one more thing.  I was out recently at a car dealership and the manager helping us, grabbed my hand and said what a gorgeous diamond I had on.  I laughed and told him it was a cz and he said he was shocked.  Prior to working in the car dealership, he had worked in the diamond industry for 22 years and thought I had a real diamond on!  This just goes to show how "real" the rings from Jewelers Studio are!  So happy with this purchase!  Thanks again!

Name:      Nicole
CityState: Quitman, Texas

OMG! OMG! OMG! Is all I can really say! I received my ring today and was completely blown away! I am a difficult person to deal with because I am so indecisive and impatient. After going back and fourth with emails trying to figure out if I wanted a 1 carat or 2 carat......I know I was confusing and annoying....and I apologize for that. Through everything though, this company remained friendly and helpful always emailing me back in a timely manner. My husband was reluctant to buy from an online website, he doesn't trust anyone. But I reassure you these people are 100% legit and 100% the best! Don't hesitate to get the ring of your dreams!  Thank you guys for being so patient with me....I know in your head you were like "get this ring out and shut this girl up!" Love your company and love you guys!

Name:      Donna
CityState: Northern VA

Like many other reviewers on here, I was reluctant to order from a website that I was not familiar with.  I had always ordered my cz jewelry from HSN and loved it.  But, as my 10th anniversary approached, I really wanted to get my dream ring and kept returning to this website, after weeks of browsing.  As a stay at home mom, and on one income (teacher's income that is), I knew that I wouldn't be able to afford my dream ring (1.5 solitaire in Tiffany setting) until I went back to work in the future, and maybe not for a long time after returning to work.  I was impatient and didn't want to wait, so I took a chance and ordered from e14k.  I first called and spoke to Dominic.  He was wonderful and honest with helping me decide what to get (silver or 14k white gold).  I ended up getting the 14k white gold and I absolutely LOVE it.  My husband actually checked the mail today and brought it in to me.  He surprised me with the box and proposed again (jokingly, but it was sweet).  I honestly don't even know if I will ever get the real diamond I want one day since this is so gorgeous and I wonder if it's really worth spending tons of money when I have something jus as gorgeous but much, much more affordable.  I had previously worn a vintage diamond wedding ring set for over a decade but after resizing it so many times, and also wanting a new style, I decided to get this.  I am thrilled.  The ring is excellent quality and looks completely real.  The size is perfect (another reason I love this website...I can get a ring that is my size - 5.5 - as opposed to other sites that only offer whole sizes).  I can't say it enough but I am so happy!  Thank you so much for all of your help and patience!  I would not hesitate to order from Jewelers Studio!

Name:      Jade
CityState: Australia

All I can say is that I was completely blown away by how beautiful my ring set was. I had a special order made, and it is just beautiful. Being based in another country, it does make you a little weary when purchasing something on line, but let me assure you that Holly does an unbelievable job. I highly recommend to those who want quality in both the products and service. Will definitely be a repeat customer. Thanks again.

Name:      PATRICK


Good luck and best wishes Patrick, Im glad i could be of assistance..

Name:      Carol
CityState: Columbus, OH

I just received my special order ring in the mail today. I am very picky and shopped around a long time to find exactly what I wanted. I am so glad I found this site. I am thrilled!  The engraving on the ring is very detailed and the stones are gorgeous. They were very patient and answered all my questions right away. I have to rate the ring quality, the price and the Customer Service as exceptional! 

Name:      Tara Bailey
CityState: Spring, Texas

OMG when I opened the box that my ring came in I could not believe how beautiful it is!! My boyfriend and I have been looking for a proper engagement ring that was real looking yet easy on the pocket and this is it!!!  

We decided on a custom order , 1.6 carat cushion cut in a beautiful sterling silver setting. We could not be happier!! I am so glad I found you , your customer service is wonderful and shipping is so fast that I could not believe we got the ring on time for Christmas morning!! Thank you and we will forever be loyal customers!!

Thanks so much,

Tara Bailey

Im glad you like your ring tara, with that 14k white gold head the ring will be much more sturdy and have a longer lifespan. -

Name:      Kathy Carpenter
CityState: Oologah,Ok

I own A106 which I wear and my daughter has A119. I have alot of 14k and real diamond rings. But these are my very favorite by far. The are very heavy mounts 7 grams on the A106. The detail in these rings are absolutely beautiful. This is a ring you will never be sorry you bought. Best mountings ANYWHERE. I LOVE THESE RINGS FIXING TO BUY ANOTHER. AAAAAAAAAAAA++++++++++++

You cannot beat our prices considering the weight of our rings, im pleased your family is enjoying our products

Name:      Dianna B.
CityState: Maitland, FL

I first ordered a princess cut CZ and loved it but I had read about the Moissanite and wanted to trade it in.  When I sent my order back somehow we had a miscommunication and things got turned around.  But after many emails back and forth Dominic really came through.  He was very patient and understanding with me. He went out of his way to give me exactly what I wanted and he was awesome.  I received the 1.5 radiant cut moissanite ring and it is fabulous.  I love it, when they say it has brilliance and fire like a real diamond they really mean it.  I feel very good about my ring and experience with Jewelers Studio and I will recommend them to all my friends. Thank you again and I look forward to future business with you. I promise next time won't be so complicated. Dianna

If you decide to come back remember your "repeat customer" discount, im glad we finally got you the perfect ring at the perfect price. - 

Name:      Kathy from TN
City/State: Nashville, TN area

OMG!!  My ring just came today and I am super thrilled.  I have a 3/4 carat diamond that is high quality in color H.  I held my 1.25 carat Russian CZ next to it and I am here to tell you that you cannot tell the difference at all.  I really wanted to have a slightly bigger stone but did not want to spend the money at this time.  I spent a lot of time trying to find a place that produces quality imitations.  I'm telling you, this is it!  The ring is beautifully made and the ring itself is very solid.  There is no doubt I am ordering more from your store.  Thanks so much for your counsel.  k You are first rate!

Name:      Miriam
City/State: Silver Spring, MD 

The cz earrings I ordered are beautiful and of great quality.  No one would know they aren't diamonds.  Customer service was excellent and responsive as the wrong size was shipped initially.

Name:      A Frye
City/State: Harrisonburg,VA

I am so, so pleased with the ring I just received today.  I ordered the antique ring A113.  It has exceeded my expectations.  I have ordered from QVC and Ziamond before.  This ring blew them away.  I will be ordering the wedding band to match in the very near future.  If you are considering ordering from this site, do not hesitate!  It is well worth the price and quality!!

Name:      Andrea S.
City/State: Spokane, Wa

I want to commend this company on their beautiful products and wonderful customer service.  I am fortunate to own a beautiful antique sterling wedding set from Jewelers Studio. I have owned it for over a year and it has really stood up to a lot of punishment.  I always do dishes, gardening etc. with these rings on, and they still look as beautiful as the day I received them.  I get compliments all the time! The cz is absolutely as dazzling as any high quality diamond I have ever seen.  This company is reliable, honest and punctual.  I have been burned in purchasing jewelry over the internet before, but with these guys I can rest easy:  product and service is great.  A real rarity in this day and age.

Name:      Julie Aquilina
City/State: Melbourne, Australia

the ring you made me is absolutely stunning! I was overjoyed when I opened the ring box and saw how truly beautiful this ring is and what a wonderful job you did creating it for me. Thank you so much for your outstanding patience, attention to detail and the level of customer care and service you have provided. I had spent months researching jewelers here in Australia and through the internet for my 50th birthday keepsake - you have surpassed them all! Super-fast postage too - less than one week to arrive. I will be back....with friends. Thank you again - truly outstanding!!

Name:      PJ
City/State: FL

After reading all of your testimonials, I decided to give your company a try.  I was trying to replace my elderly mother's real diamond solitaire ring with a cz because she has Alzheimer's and was starting to give her jewelry away to friends.  I took her real ring and told her I was going to have the stone checked. I had looked everywhere for a cz with 6 prongs to no avail.  When I came upon your site I thought it was too good to be true.  You had the exact same ring with 6 prongs! I ordered a 1 carat round solitaire because it looked EXACTLY like the one she has.  I received the ring in 3 days and was blown away with everything about the ring.  The color, clarity and band was the same.  She has no idea that her new ring is not the same one.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving me a beautiful ring.  If anyone has any doubts about this company, DON'T!  The quality is truly above all the rest.  Order today!

Name:      Gwyneth
City/State: Maplewood, MN

My boyfriend and I were having a hard time finding a ring I liked. We ran across Jewelers Studio and I fell in love with what is now my engagement ring (#A204R - 14k Rose Gold Antique Engagement Ring). The shipping was extremely fast and I have received endless comments on how beautiful and unique my ring is. We love that it is hand crafted and very different. We will happily be making our second purchase soon, which will be my wedding band. Highly recommended!

Name:      Pamela Powell
City/State: Temple Texas

    Thank-you the custom piece I ordered was as beautiful as all of the others in the past.

         your loyal customer


Name:      Linda Maxwell
City/State: Mason, Ohio

I received my moissanite anniversary band ring yesterday and it is lovely. The stones sparkle like crazy and the ring looks to be made so well with a good weight in the gold.  Thanks so much for this lovely design and look of this ring. Also thanks for the upgrade in the size of the stones, I could not be more pleased.   Thanks again and again.

Name:      CoCo
City/State: Tallahassee, FL

I just received item 5206W the 14k white gold 1.75ctw Eternity Band Ring on 08/23/2010 which I ordered on 08/19/2010.  The ring is gorgeous.  The gold quality and CZ quality are exceptional.  I have ordered from other sites only to return the items because the gold is so very paper thin and the CZ quality is poor to terrible.  I am a jewelry snob so I expect and want the best but that is totally out of my price range however now I can have the best without paying more.  I want more for less not less for more.  I will purchase from E14k (Jewelers Studio) again.

Name:      K
City/State: Va

I received my 1.5 carat Tiffany solitaire ring in the mail today. Oh my goodness it is so beyond beautiful! It is everything and more that I expected. I can't stop looking at my ring. I had been looking for a good quality cz ring to wear as an everyday ring instead of my real diamond. I found this site and was a little bit leery of ordering but did so anyways. I called and spoke with Dominic to make sure that I would receive my ring in time to take on a vacation. Dominic said that he would do his very best in making sure I received my ring on time. Sure enough he dropped it in the mail last Friday overnight. My husband keeps asking me if I'm sure I didn't go out and buy another real diamond. I will definitely be ordering more in the very near future!! Thanks Dominic for all of your help! If you have any doubts about ordering a ring DON'T! I have purchased cz's from other companies in the past and none of them compare to this ring!

I received my ring wrap for my Princess Cut Tiffany solitaire, both purchased from  It is nicer than I expected and it is beautiful with my Tiffany setting; it fits perfectly.  Thank you for making such a wonderful wedding set.

Name:  N/A
City/State: New York

 Just received my beautiful antique style 2 ct. solitaire is great. It was made to fit my small finger and it fits perfectly. The stones are good quality Russian cut...and it looks authentic. The design is very unusual. I would definitely buy from you again.

Name:      Liz
City/State: Greensboro, NC

My fiance and I purchased my "promise" engagement ring here with some trepidation but were very happy, so we went on to get the "real" engagement ring here also. We plan to buy the actual wedding set here and are looking at rose gold.  So far no one can tell the cz from a real diamond and we were much  more pleased with the quality here than with Z iamond whom we have purchased from in the past. 

Name:      April

City/State: Pearland, TX

I am the proud owner of a 14k Gold 2ct Fancy Antique/Victorian CZ Cubic Zirconia Ring Stock #18510L and matching antique wedding band. The detail and workmanship are high quality. The pictures just don't do them justice. I was leery of ordering online, but I couldn't be more pleased. I've scoured the internet looking at rings and I've never seen a design quite like this one. I just can't stress enough how beautiful and intricate the detail is on the engagement ring. It makes zero sense to spend so much money on real diamonds, you can never get back what you pay for them. I'm proud to wear russian cz, it's prettier than most natural diamonds anyway. The warranty is awesome too. Dominic really is wonderful to work with like everyone says. Go ahead and order, you won't be sorry:) I am about to order martini studs, can't wait to get them!  Thanks so much JS

Name:      GG

I ordered the S103SS Sterling Silver 3 stone ring and they sent me the S103BSS 5 stone sterling silver wedding band by mistake, I decided to hang onto the band and see how it would look with the 3 stone ring when it arrived, and I am glad I did, they are absolutely BEAUTIFUL together and oh my gosh they are so comfortable to wear that you hardly know they are there...which was a surprise for such a heavy set.  What started out to be an order for an anniversary ring turned into an order for a spare wedding set.  I am a repeat customer and I am positive that this will not be my last order. I also ordered the S109 in white gold.  Dominic is so easy to work with, he even cleaned a ring for me that I purchased somewhere else. Now That's customer service that is hard to find these days. I would not be afraid to order from JS because they stand behind their products.

Name:      Frances
City/State: Phoenix, AZ

I was very leery about ordering these rings...I purchased the silver antique band and matching three stone ring --center round with trillions.  I must say. The silver is not at all shiny, but WOW...THESE STONES SURE DO SPARKLE!  They have a high refraction and awesome fire to them.  I'm wondering if having the bands polished or dipped in 14k or plat will bring a nice luster to them.. Or, I may leave them as they are...maybe I'm just not used to the matt finish of the silver.  Very pleased. Quick service and they are not flawed in any way!  I WILL DEFINITELY BE A RETURN CUSTOMER!


Kim,  Maryland

I just wanted to say that I am SO pleased with my ring.  My fiance and I were looking at CZ's to save time, and I love the antique look. I showed him several rings that I liked (not all on this site), and am so happy he picked this one (#A100).  I get so many compliments on my ring, and no one knows that it isn't a "real" diamond...and of course I don't correct them :).  Anyway, for anyone who is on the fence, this is a wonderful option to a much more expensive diamond.  The ring itself is very well crafted and just gorgeous!  I'm wearing it right now side by side with a real diamond, and it sparkles just as much and color wise looks the same.  Thanks for a great ring.

Name:      Karen G.
City/State: Lakeland, Florida

I received the Princess Cut, 1 Carat Solitaire in the mail today.  I am very pleased with this ring!  I ordered another ring from QVC and the testimonials were mostly the same (setting falling OFF and lost stones) so, I kept looking, came across this page and was a bit leery at first. I took a chance and cancelled the order from QVC and ordered from this company.  I am highly pleased and would recommend this site to anyone. I am also interested in getting matching wedding bands, is this possible?    I can't quit looking at my finger!!!  Beautiful and Believable!!!

Name:      Summer
City/State: NY

I just bought a 2.5 carat tiffany's style ring and I have to say I was scared to order it. I got it it looks better than my real diamonds. I am so happy with this ring it looks amazing. Every one in my family has said it is so pretty no one knows its fake. I will be buying my wedding band from here to match my new engagement ring. Thank u so much!!!

Name:      Toni
City/State: Mountain Top PA

I had questions, I called, a live person took my call and my order. They worked with me and gave me a different stone, there sizing was perfect. Greatest thing  was the ring they delivered. The shank was heavy gold, the design was crisp and clear. The CZ had depth and sparkle, it was set expertly set in a platinum prong tower centered perfectly over the shank. I was the hit of my engagement party.

Name:      Dolores Myers
City/State: Eagle, Idaho


I had lost one of my stud earrings and wanted to find a similar pair. The first pair I received did not sit high enough- did not match.  I have had problems in the past with returning merchandize, so I was pleasantly pleased that I had no additional charges and he was willing to work with me.  They are beyond lovely.  I would definitely recommend this site to anyone looking to order merchandize through the mail.

manville, nj

I recently ordered 3 rings from e14k. A few years back I purchased a rose gold wedding band, #A118R.  It is absolutely beautiful.  I recently purchased the engagement ring to go with it, #A119R 14k Rose Gold Engagement Ring.  The rings match perfectly and make such a gorgeous set.  Rose gold is stunning and something a little different.  I also purchased an antique three stone ring, #A113 in white gold and planned on wearing in alone but when I saw it, it was just so beautiful that I ordered a plain antique wedding band, #A108 to go with it.  The workmanship and quality are outstanding and the prices are reasonable. The cz"s are excellent quality.

Merrick, TEXAS

I wanted to write and tell everyone who is wondering if they should purchase from Jewelers Studio to not hesitate for a second!! I had gone through 4 CZ rings from other company's before I found JS because all of the stones either fell out or the rings tarnished. My husband saved up and got me the Princess-Radiant Emerald-Trillion (heavy) (set) in 14k white gold and they are more beautiful than the diamond set I first started with. The rings fit together perfectly like a puzzle and the stones shine so brightly! No one can tell they are CZs. I read through the testimonials before finally deciding on a set and I'm so happy with my decision. They have a lifetime warranty on all stones too! What more could you ask for? Thanks JS!! I'll make sure my hubby orders again!

Name:      GG

I received my set S109 wedding set in white gold a little over a month ago and I love it, the picture really does not do it justice.  I have been to many local jewelry stores and they carry sets almost identical to this one that sell for over $10,000 with a 1 carat center stone.  Mine looks just as beautiful as theirs.  I am thinking of getting a 2nd band and having them soldered together for me.  This will definitely not be my last purchase from you your the greatest.

Name:      Jan M
City/State: South Bend IN

I received my Russian diamond anniversary ring yesterday.  It was more than perfect.  I had been ordering different rings on the internet from different places, the pictures all LOOKED wonderful but the merchandise itself was less than desirable.  I had been so disappointed.  Then I decided, one more time. I'll try Jewelers Studio...I ordered Mon and it came Thurs.  I was so pleased with the ring I had to write.  It looks so real, it shines and sparkles more than my real diamonds, and the setting and intricate band work are extraordinary.  I highly recommend this site!  You will be 100% pleased! I sure am!

Name:      Tara P.
City/State: Vineland, NJ

I have been looking for a antique style wedding set for quite some time now, and I wanted something with CZ's, and very heavy gold. Although my original wedding set is absolutely gorgeous, and diamonds amazing, I also wanted to KEEP them absolutely gorgeous, amazing and SAFE. So when I stumbled upon your site, I was so excited! I finally found the antique design I was looking for, and your description stated HEAVY gold. So as I read all the testimonials, and contemplated for weeks and weeks, I decided to give you guys a try. I was so hesitant because I have purchased other CZs from other shopping networks, and the gold was very thin, and the CZs were not realistic at all. When I received the rings that I ordered from you, I was completely amazed! Very, very heavy gold and CZs are very realistic. My husband also agreed. Thank you with all my heart. The rings are exactly what I have been looking for.

Name:      Julie W.
City/State: Rockville, Maryland 

I just received my ring in the mail Stock number 16293 wedding set - More beautiful than in the picture - I am speechless.  I am truly impressed!!!!!

Austin, TX

I had my heart set on getting an emerald cut diamond and went out to purchase one but with the step cut, you can easily see any inclusions in this shape and they were VERY expensive. When I found this site and they talked about the Russian Simulant. I thought sure, another CZ. Then I ordered just the stone to see how it looked BEFORE I had it mounted. IT LOOKS BETTER THAN THE REAL THING AND I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER WITH MY PURCHASE! I'm very fussy about my jewelry and this is absolutely beautiful. You won't be sorry with your purchase, I can promise you that.

Name:      Rhonda
City/State: Middletown, OH

My 2 carat princess solitaire is gorgeous!  The structure of the mounting is strong and beautiful and the stone is brilliant and very colorful.  With the quality of this stunning ring, I expect that it will last forever.

Name:      Linda
City/State: Los Angeles, CA

Hi everyone...I told my fiancé I'd like to get a good quality setting with a cubic zirconia.  Figured I would see if it was something I would continue to wear and if so we would get it reset with a diamond later. 

Dominic was so helpful on the phone about the sizing...thank you!!  We ordered S102 cz antique engagement ring and it arrived almost immediately.  Wow!!!  It was so much better than I ever would have imagined.  I love it!!  I will definitely be ordering more from this site.

Name:      Susan

I just received my 1 carat Russian CZ and it is out of this world!!!  I would trust Dominic and his group to sell me any piece of jewelry.  Thanks gang!!!  Dominic you are the BOMB!!!!

Name:      Marcus
City/State: Stockton,CA


If your looking for a good rings and a great prices this is where you need to be. I was looking at all the testimonials and they all was so good, so I was thinking that they was fake. but I tried it anyway. I got her #A405 antique 3 stone ring and #A107P princess cut antique wedding band . I got my rings back 3 day ago and my wife LOVED them... the shipping was fast just like they said. I live in CA.. it got to me in 4 days. My wife will be getting me Matching ring from here...

Name:      Mimi
City/State: Los Angeles, CA


I Loooove my new rings!! I ordered them last week, had them resized and in a couple of days received them!! Super quick shipping! Its absolutely STUNNING! I have a real 1K diamond and ordered this because Im sooo scared that I might lose it--and plus i've always wanted a bigger stone :).. and OMG this is even better than the real one. :) I will definitely order from J.S again! (A100 cz antique engagement ring & A107P)

Dear JS,

I'm truly amazed for the second time around.  This time, I purchased the sterling silver 3 stone antique ring and WOW, is it just STUNNING!  The intricate detail on the ring is BEAUTIFUL!  No more ziamond,  carat, or czjewels.  These used to be my favorite sites for simulated diamonds, but now my #1 is Jeweler Studio.  A standing ovation for you, JS.  I applaud you for your superior commitment to quality, customer service, and the best prices.  THANK YOU A MILLION!  Amy

Name:      Coryann
City/State: Fayetteville, North Carolina


I received my ring yesterday (2 carat Asscher in a silver Tiffany setting) and it's beyond the most beautiful ring I've ever seen!  It truly looks like the real deal!  Thank you for upgrading my shipping so I could have it before the weekend.  I can't wait to show all my family and friends!  I definitely will be purchasing from your business again and will be recommending it to others.  Thanks again for your great customer service.


Name:      Pam P
City/State: TempleTx


Thank-you so very much.  The wedding band is so even prettier then pictured the yellow gold band #16961 is also surprisingly heavy and delicate at the same time. It arrived so fast i told my husband that you are like Scotty from star
trek (original series). You are a miracle worker i thought it would take  much longer.
I hope your business is long lived and prospers over the years     Mrs. Pam Powell

Name:      Becky
City/State: BC Canada


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, my new rings.  It is true what they say, third time is a charm.  We have purchased two other ring sets from two other sites and we were totally disappointed. The other rings just SCREAMED fake.  The Russian CZ's from this site are TOP OF THE LINE to say the least, absolutely flawless, and with these prices you can not go wrong.

I am an interior house painter, and help out in the kitchen at my family restaurant (hands are always dirty).  I did not want a really expensive ring that I was afraid to wear. I have quite a few friends that have been married for years, and non of them wear their engagement rings for fear of losing them.  What is the point of having nice jewelry if you can not wear them?

So if you want some REALLY nice bling, without having to pay the price, this IS the site for you.  oh and ppsssttt no one will ever know! Seriously.  My co-worker thinks I paid 5-6 grand for my ring. :)

Name:      Pamela P.
City/State: Temple Tx

Thanks I love the ring you made for me with the special setting for my sapphire the yellow gold #16961 engagement ring and wedding set. I also have have other rings made you and am always amazed at the detail and price.

Dear Jewelers Studio~

I just received my GORGEOUS princess cut cz sterling silver engagement ring and I am ECSTATIC!!!! I CAN'T STOP STARING AT THE EXQUISITE SPARKLE OF THIS BAUBLE!!!  I am a repeat customer and am going to order another ring--I cannot get over the workmanship of this ring--it looks just RADIANT with my ruby & diamond eternity ring or just alone with my wedding band.  I have purchased cz's from cz jewelry, looked and admired from afar zi amond .  I recently purchased a 1 carat round cut  For Now cz diamond from body jewels.  It will be interesting to compare the For Now cz with your cz jewel.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for a STUNNING ring.  This is my first purchase and won't be my last--YOU ARE a SUPERB jeweler~

Extremely satisfied~

Name:      Vickie P.
City/State: Post Falls, Idaho


I'm a very luck lady in that I happen to have a 4 caret cushion cut diamond engagement ring that I love very much, however with traveling and the ever increasing cast of insurance I have had to put my ring in the bank vault for safe keeping. I asked Dominic if he could make a replica of my ring? I just received the ring in today's mail. Oh MY God! The ring took my breath away, and I'm very happy once again, no one will ever know this ring is not the "real" thing. Thank you so much Dominic.

Name:      G.P.
City/State: New York, N.Y.


Hi! I just wanted to leave this review for anyone who is considering ordering from Jewelers Studio but is still on the fence about it - you can buy with confidence from Dominic. I ordered the S101P V-Prong CZ engagement ring in white gold with a custom size gem last week - and he had it shipped out two days after I placed the order! The ring looks amazing and could easily pass for a real diamond ring! I highly recommend buying from Jewelers Studio if you are looking for high quality CZ jewelry in real 14K gold settings - the jewelry is of excellent quality and the prices are very reasonable.

Name:      Jenna C
City/State: Detroit, MI


A few months back, my fiance and I ordered a wedding set. These rings (A204 & A208) are absolutely stunning. I have never seen such quality and detail in both the rings and the stone. Everywhere I go, I receive compliments and asked where my set was purchased. I don't believe that there is any other company out there that can duplicate this likeness to an actual diamond. Not only am i 100% satisfied with my purchase, I must admit that the prices are also more than reasonable. I have my heart set on one of the tennis bracelets and plan to be a return customer....

Name:      Barbara M.
City/State: San Jose, CA


I ordered the 3 prong martini set earrings with screwbacks. I just love the earrings! The brilliance in the stone is breathtaking.  Thank you so much for earrings, I'll wear them all the time and I will definitely be back!

Name:      Shannon
City/State: Ohio


What can I say but WOW!  This was my second purchase and I couldn't be more happy!  The ring is BEAUTIFUL!  Thank you for ALL your help!  Valentine's Day is coming soon and I am looking forward to make another purchase!

My husband had purchased the princess w/ trillions in an antique setting for me, as my engagement ring upgrade. I had searched for months and I had such a difficult time finding a ring I liked, that wouldn't break the bank and didn't look "fake". Then I found your website and just knew this was the "one". The stones are amazing!! I love the way they sparkle, even in low lights. I have the look of a high end designer piece for less, without the hassles of jewelry store credit card payments and enough money left over to upgrade my wedding band!!

Thanks so much for making great quality CZ wedding rings, possible!!

Name:      S. Sloane
City/State: Cleveland, OH


I have ordered several rings from Studio over the past two years and have been thrilled with the beauty and quality of all of them - not to mention the great prices.  I have received numerous compliments as well, and the rings look beautiful, even two years later, with no signs of wear or dullness.  Ladies, these rings are GORGEOUS and of absolute top quality - no one who sees them has ever suspected they are not real diamonds.  I have spoken with them on the phone several times with questions prior to ordering and he is always very helpful, patient and accommodating.  I just received a ring set that I special ordered and I absolutely LOVE IT.  To anyone who is hesitating ordering online let me be clear - I, too, was nervous placing my first order, but my experience over the past two years has shown me that this company is AWESOME - the quality, prices and outstanding customer service cannot be beat.  I will never buy a diamond again, now that I've found Studio.  THANK YOU SO MUCH.  P.S. If you need your ring sized, have them do it for you - it will be much less expensive than having it done by your local jeweler. 

To Whom It May Concern:                                                                         12/2/09

I bought three sterling silver and cubic zirconia rings from e14k back in February 2009, and I love them! I have ordered similar rings from Jewelry TV and HSN and I had nothing but problems, with stones falling out, faded stones that do not shine and crappy silver. I have a severe nickel allergy and was very disappointed in not being able to find a good silver ring whose stone shined and sparkled the way I wanted it too. I was skeptical of e14 and voiced my concern to the gentleman who took my order (sorry I don’t remember his name) and he assured me that the rings would meet my expectations and that they would make sure the stones were set right and not going to fall out.

When I got my rings from e14k, I was elated. They are so beautiful. The stones shine so bright especially in the sunlight just like a diamond, but I think better. I have friends with large stones that do not shine like mine. I have had no issues with my silver either. I just make sure I do not wear my rings when I am cleaning or cooking something that requires me to use my hands.

I would like to thank you at e14k for my lovely rings. They have made me very happy and I really appreciate your hard work and efforts in creating something so beautiful.

Thank you so much.
Faith B.


Name:      Pam p.
City/State: temple tx 76501


Thank-you for the custom made ring 3/4 marquis tiffany engagement ring I ordered its absolutely perfect for me and it came just as quickly as you promised.

Thank you for making my order with such care it looks absolutely stunning

Name:      Sonia B.
City/State: Ocala Florida


My husband purchased 17266L 3 carat antique solitaire ring for me 4 years ago. When I first saw this ring I couldn't believe my gorgeous! Absolutely beautiful.. Great quality. I get compliments after compliments. I have never seen anything like it. Thank you for your beautiful work. This piece is so precious that I will pass it down to my daughter.

Name:      larry l.
City/State: belmont, n.c.


My ring was scheduled to arrive this weekend or Monday. It is Friday and it is in my hand!! I am thrilled with this ring! I will be popping the question a day early now!! I will be ordering the matching band very soon!

Folks, all i can tell you is my ring is absolutely beautiful! I would feel stupid buying a diamond for thousands after realizing the quality of e14k's cubic zirconia rings. There is no way anyone could know this stone isn't a diamond of the highest quality!! I chose the s101ph in 1 ct (heavy tiffany style princess cut engagement ring). I see no reason to ever buy a real diamond after getting this ring. I feel so smart buying this ring and I will have money for a nice honeymoon! THANK YOU E14K.COM/JEWELERS STUDIO !!!

Name:      Gina B.
City/State: Houston, Tx


I bought one of the lovely antique rings with a 1 ct. size and it is STUNNING and looks like the real thing!  I feel so pampered!  It really brightened my day!  Thanks again!

Name:      Miki
City/State: Japan


Dear E14k,
Thank you very much for the wonderful 4 prong Tiffany setting 2 carat ring !!!!
It is gorgeous ! I will come back again soon.

I love Jewelers Studio !
Thank, Miki from Japan :-)

Name:      Betsy
City/State: New Mexico


I have purchased several items from Jewelers Studio and I am extremely happy with the service and the jewelry.  I will continue to shop your site.

Name:      AMC
City/State: UK


Received my rose gold wedding ring faster than expected, its beautiful! Alot more detail than is apparent on photo, its so heavy! Stunning! Thanks!

Name:      JD
City/State: Lafayette, IN


Ordered the 14k Gold Cathedral Engagement Cubic Zirconia Ring from here. Very happy with the item. It looks great. We mutually decided a cz would be the way to go, and this same style cz at a local jeweler was $1,000. Will come back again. Thanks!

Name:      Mrs Mary D.
City/State: Dillsburg Pa


Wow!! I received my cz stud earrings today.  The shipping was ultra fast, it seemed like I just ordered them and here they are.  They are so sparkly and look so real.  I loose earrings easily and these are so easy to replace, if I would need to.  I have ordered from your site before and my rings are still beautiful and the cz's are so bright and have stayed  clear. Great site, quality merchandise, I love your store ..... I will be doing Christmas shopping here...thank you                                                                 Mary D

Name:      Debra A.
City/State: Panama City Fl


I received my wedding set 4 days ago. WONDERFUL Do not worry about the quality of jewelry or the stones, they are everything they say on their website. I fully intend to purchase more items from them in the future. I ordered my set last Monday and it arrived on Thursday. That's fast. Just to let you know I had to have my ring sized here in town, it was $120, so go on and let Jewelers Studio size it for you and save the money. Their work is beautiful.

City/State: New York


Thank you for such speedy service. I sent 3 rings (purchased elsewhere) for repair. I ordered a bracelet as well. NY to Florida & back, repairing 3 settings & replacing stones took 5 days....door to door. Repairs were made same day & shipped right out with bracelet that was ordered.  I am still amazed. The bracelet is beautiful. The three repairs look like new. Great job, great service. Great experience. This vendor is FANTASTIC!!!

Name:      Cristin K
City/State: Bloomfield, NJ


My fiance bought me the 17807L as an antique engagement ring and I have received nothing but compliment after compliment. It is a gorgeous ring and is very well made. The picture doesn't even do it justice! This  Web site is bookmarked and visited often!

Name:      Kymberli
City/State: Lees Summit, MO


I rec'd my rings a few days ago.  When I opened the box, oh my gosh -- they are just beautiful.  In the past, I ordered the antique wedding bands in both white and yellow gold.  This time I got the sterling silver. The metal is so beautiful it actually looks like platinum. I heard russian CZs were the finest and now I have proof.  The brilliance in the stone is breathtaking.  I wanted to have the set for traveling since I do alot of that these days and don't really want to travel with my real diamonds.  I am VERY pleased and will be back.

HI there. 
I received my ring yesterday. I ordered the Asscher-cut solitaire and I love it! It is so beautiful and I am so thrilled to have it. I will be a repeat customer for sure. 

I received my rings yesterday.  I had purchased the set, A100 and A107.  I was delighted when I opened the box and saw the quality and sparkle of the rings.  The filigree is just lovely.  The rings are thicker than what I am used to so it will take awhile for me to get accustomed to wearing them.  I love them and just wanted you to know how pleased with them I am.  I also love the fact that I do not have to worry about wearing blood diamonds.  After years of wearing diamonds, I don't think I will ever go back to them.  Thank you so much for such great service at an unbelievable price.  I am sure I will be coming back again in the future if I need anything else.

Name:      Brenda K. O.
City/State: Linn, Mo


Thank You, so very much. My custom made ring arrived yesterday. It is absolutely gorgeous. I would recommend this site and Jewelers Studio to everyone. There were very helpful, courteous, and went above and beyond to satisfy their customer. In this day and age with the economy the way it is, everyone or anyone can have their dreams come true through Jewelers Studio.
You will not have to worry about who sacrificed their lives for your stones, or rob your budget and pocket book at the same time to get what you want in life. Again thank you, so very much for making my dreams come true. Keep up the great fantastic work of helping others.

I received my ring today and Wow!  My husband and I are very pleased. It is filled with light and sparkle. The size is perfect and rests well against my 4mm wedding band. What a wonderful surprise to find in the mail box a week and a day early! Thank you for getting it here faster than promised. I look forward to future purchases.


Name:      Regenia C
City/State: Munford, Tennessee


I wanted to say that my ordering experience here has been absolutely outstanding.  The customer service I received was over and above what I would have ever imagined.  I am getting married in two weeks and was stressing over getting my rings on time.  The customer support was great and I was told that I would have my rings in time for my big day.  I will definitely be ordering all my CZ jewelry from here.

Good afternoon,
I just wanted to write to let you know that I received my new ring and am extremely happy!! The ring is beautiful beyond my expectations and I just wanted to let you know that I couldn't be happier. I have recommended your site to numerous friends and will continue to do so in the future. You have made a  customer for life!!!
Thank you,
Caroline S.

Name:      Elizabeth
City/State: Ludlow, MA


The first engagement ring that I received from my fiance was the most beautiful ring I had ever seen.  I was a work and lost the center stone.  We went from store to store to try and find the same one but had no luck.  We didn't want to spend a lot of money on a ring because we would rather spend the money on a phenomenal wedding!  We searched everywhere and we came across Jewelers Studio.  I sent them an email describing my ring and they sent me a couple of site to see if I could find my setting.  I FOUND IT!!!!  I spoke to Dominic and placed my order.  I was a little scared because I thought that you would be able to tell from a real diamond to a CZ.  Well I received my ring today and........IT IS GORGEOUS.  It looks identical maybe even nicer then the one I had previous.  I called to thank them and found out that for me to be able to receive it when he had told me he personally dropped it in the mail himself.  What fantastic customer service.  I WILL be buying my matching band with them and will also be buying my future husband's ring from them also.  THANK YOU GUYS SOOOOOOO MUCH! 

Name:      Rickey
City/State: Irving, TX


 Thank you so much Jewelers Studio I am so happy with the Ring i purchased
it is stunning!! I ordered the six prong solitaire white gold setting and am
amazed how real it looks, and at a fantastic price too. I think it is great
that you offer so many options as far as stone size, I could not be more pleased ,and will be back soon.

Name:      Lynne
City/State: 29 Palms, CA


I ordered a CZ pendant and earrings. They are just beautiful and will buy from this seller again.

Name:      Heather
City/State: Chicago, Il


    I just wanted to say how very happy I am with my engagement ring(A404/14k white gold) from this site. My boyfriend & I searched for months and went to many stores to find the perfect ring and they were too expensive or not what I wanted to wear.
    Finally I came across this site and found my ring, I was a little skeptical just to buy online but was really in love with the antique ring and took a chance.  Everyone who has seen it loves it as much as me and comments on how unique & beautiful it is. Thanks again!

Name:      D. Lee
City/State: Palmdale Ca


Placed my order (Tennis Bracelet) it was in my mail box 2 days later! It was beautiful, everything I hoped for. My wife is gonna love it.

Name:      Mrs. C
City/State: Alabama


I cant quite get the smile off my face and I'm definitely having a hard time with looking at anything but my rings!  They are both stunning (3-stone anniversary and matching band) and I'm so happy with our purchase.  Not only are the stones beautiful but the settings are solid and have a high-quality feel.  This is an anniversary gift and even though my husband could well afford to purchase the real thing, I just wasn't willing to put that kind of money in jewelry with the current economy.  I also didn't want to worry excessively about loss when we travel.  I was skeptical with buying sight unseen but I can now see that I shouldn't have been concerned.    We will definitely be back for future jewelry purchases! 

Name:      Kim
City/State: Alberta, Canada


I had the pleasure of ordering the 14k 1 and 2 carat martini set earrings as well as the  14k 1 carat pendant from your studio which I received in record time and I simply had to write.  The earrings and the pendant are absolutely stunning!!  I wore them upon receipt and got nothing but compliments as well as a bit of envy with every single person that noticed them, thinking they were real and wishing wistfully they too could afford such luxury. I simply smiled and graciously accepted the compliments and the envy- you are now my best kept secret for looking like a million ( and appearing to wear a million :))
Thank you for your great products and your great service.
Alberta, Canada

Name:      JAMIE
Sku:       1898r8


Name:      Viola L
City/State: Bowie, MD


I got my 3 carat 3 stone 14k gold ring in the mail yesterday.  It arrived just as they said it would and it looked LOVELIER than I expected.  The ring has a meaningful weight to it and a gorgeous sparkle.  I am thrilled with the workmanship and the service was impeccable!  I will DEFINITELY be buying more jewelry from this company.  I am kinda glad that my old ring fell apart now!!!

Name:      Shelly
City/State: Mesick, MI


If you don't take the time to read anything else, please read this! I was very skeptical about ordering as I am not a fan of online purchasing. I had google reviews on jewelers studio yet found nothing. I went ahead on faith and ordered the 1 carat solitaire 6 prong ring. I received my ring yesterday and refuse to take it off! It really is more beautiful than what I expected and the service is amazing. If you have any doubts, please relax and order, you will not be disappointed! I have a real diamond 1 carat ring and you can't tell the difference between the two. I am ordering another ring today, as I am hooked. Better than any other cz I have EVER seen! Thank you so much!

Name:      JESSICA S.


I will buy again from this site, so very helpful!!!  Bought a great ring from them few months back, however for some reason stone got loose.  I called they said they would repair it for free.  Got the ring back same week better than ever along with a 10% off coupon.  Quick & reliable

Name:      Laura
City/State: Saginaw Michigan


I have ordered a diamond ring from this company and it is approximately 8 years old and is gorgeous. It even fools the jewelers!!! I ordered the bezel diamond pendant and wear it everyday! I am amazed at how many people complement me on how "unique" the piece is. I just lost the bezel and couldn't live without it so I just ordered the same but had them make it a larger stone... I am in love with this one also. it will be the one I wear everyday!!!! the Russian cz quality here is better than any I have encountered. I will not buy real diamonds due to the slaughtering of people and I used to spend quite a bit at other places but found they dull much more quickly and so this is the place I belong! My friends/family all have jewelry from here that they love... they get so many compliments..... If you are in doubt...... order..... believe me... you will feel like a kid at x-mas when you look at the quality... Thanks!!!!

Name:      Kay
City/State: Portland, Oregon


I just received the antique floral ring yesterday.
It is absolutely beautiful and fits true to size.

Name:      Jamie
City/State: Huntsville , al


I ordered one the sterling silver antique engagement rings. I don't think its necessary to pay diamond prices for great beauty! You proved me right, these stones are gorgeous! I hope it stays this brilliant. Thanks for quick response on questions about cleaning and upkeep as well:) I'll be ordering the matching band soon!
~ Very satisfied

Name:      Ms. M
City/State: Sacramento, CA


My rings just arrived today, & they are so lovely together. I got the S112 Lucida-type solitaire, and two matching HR112 4mm bands; one to wear on each side as stack rings. The solitaire is 2 cts. The quality of the gold was impressive; it was all solid & had such a nice feel.

I've ordered two other rings from e14k Jewelers Studio, and have never been disappointed. A white gold 3ct solitaire ring I purchased several years ago, has held up incredibly well. The gold had not discolored, and the stone is as sparkly as the day I got it.

Overall, the service & craftsmanship has been impressive. I would recommend Jewelers Studio to anyone.

City/State: Michigan


I have been researching all of the top CZ websites for 6 months. I almost made a purchase from one of the other 'top' retailers in this industry. Luckily I stumbled on some interesting reviews of their products. Many of the websites stated "white gold will turn yellow, this is to be expected. You just have to have the ring re-dipped". This didn't seem right to me. I know many women who have not had that problem. I ended up ordering A100 with the round stone and A107. The pictures on the website do not do these rings justice. My mother just spent 7500.00 on a 1.5 carat ring. And yes, it's beautiful and sparkles like crazy...but when we put our rings next to each other, there was no difference. I swear my ring sparkles in the dark. The rings are truly heavy. Many antique rings are hollow on the inside, that is not the case here. I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Thank you. In this day and age it is so nice to be able to speak to a person, and the same person every time you call. To anyone out there trying to decide which site to order their CZ from, look no further. Many of the others are a scam and most definitely charge you more for less. I honestly could not find one bad review about Jewelers Studio, and you certainly won't find one from me. I will certainly be a return customer.

Name:      Susan S.
City/State: Mystic, Ct


OMGoodness, what a beautiful piece of jewelry. I bought this to wear in place of a similar 3 stone ring set with real diamonds, that belonged to my grandmother and it's totally incredible. Thank you so much for your quick service and AAA+ quality. I am already window shopping! Thank you.

Name:      erica
City/State:  taiwan, ROC


 I just got my ring today and I am wondering if it's too early to tell you how happy I am. My wonderful husband got it for me after losing his grandmothers ring to a theft. That ring was worth close to $10,000 today. I feel so much better and it has made up for the original loss. My husband is happy because I'm happy. I hope to be shopping some more.

Name:      Stephanie
City/State: Flemington, NJ


I just wanted to say thank you for an absolutely beautiful (and absolutely affordable!) ring. I ordered the one carat S101P in white gold and wore it out for President's Day weekend and received non-stop compliments all three days. Even my mother thought it was a diamond! The wonderful thing about this ring is not only the well cut stone, but that the v-prong setting just compliments it so well- a classic look with modern flair. I would definitely recommend it to ladies that want an authentic, classic look. No one will think this ring is not a true diamond solitaire. Thank you for having great pieces like this one, Jewelers Studio, and I will certainly buy other pieces from you in the future. 

Name:      Charity A.
City/State: Springfield, Missouri


I got my antique 3 stone 3ct wedding ring over 1 year ago.  This ring is the most beautiful ring and I get complimented daily.  It is of the best quality, I have even had jewelers offer me more than I paid for the ring  if I wanted to sell it.  Thank You for providing great jewelry at an amazing price.  I will be a life long customer!!!

Name:      Michelle M.
City/State: Elgin, IL


Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!  Mine is a unique tale.  My fiance and I met online and even though we knew we were meant for each other over 3 years ago, I could not order my wedding band and engagement ring until I knew for sure we would be joined together forever.  So I have had my eye on the A118 and A119 for over 2 years.  I wanted something unique with a lot of character and style.  I purchased these in yellow gold with a 2 carat marquise and found it to be just as beautiful as a real diamond at a fraction of the cost.  I appreciated finding a CZ set in real 14K gold.  Most places I looked were cheaply made and in gold overlay.  These rings were exactly what I wanted and expected! I'm sure my fiance will be overjoyed at the cost and quality of my rings at the altar.  I will be proud to wear them each and every day for the rest of my life!  I only wish you had a wider selection for men's wedding bands that either match or compliment my rings for our wedding.  oh...another Thank You for talking to a live person when ordering by phone.  Samantha was a huge help and very pleasant to speak with.  Thank You again and again!

Name:      Danielle
City/State: Philadephia,PA


Where do I begin? Well here it is the truth and nothing but it....I convinced my fiance that we should get a CZ instead of a diamond because of one I had seen on Macy's website it was such a gorgeous ring for $400.00 and it looked real.  One of the reviews was a woman who had to give up her original diamond ring 30+ years old to pay a mortgage and how she loved this ring she had gotten.  So me being me I started researching different sites about CZ's and came across a few but still wasn't satisfied with what I saw. BUT THEN......I came here and I was floored with how real the stones on here looked. Man when I tell you the quality is great it is grrrrreat.  I got the A111P, this is the most beautiful ring I COULD EVER IMAGINE HAVING.  I was sitting on the bus with a woman who was recently married and she had an emerald cut DIAMOND, she put my ring on her finger with her ring and admired how heavy and how much higher my setting was compared to hers and how it blinged.  I kept looking at her ring and at mine and I loved mine much more.  She said you better get that rock insured girl as she gave it back to me....I said yeah your right.  The only difference in my ring and a real diamond is the price.  I love it, I am so happy and so is my fiance for me allowing his pockets to have a rest for such a great and beautiful ring.  We'll be spending that money on a vacation or our wedding. Thanks JS for prompt delivery and friendly customer service!

Name:      Cindy B
City/State: Cape Girardeau, Missouri


OMG-You can bet I will be back to order again (soon)-I have been burnt a few times buying jewelry on line and honestly I was hesitant when I made this order of the Antique solitaire ring-Before I made the purchase I read all the testimonials thinking yeah I bet they just go out and write these their selves, but when I got it in the mail today I realized that finally I had found a company who is honest and stands behind their product-I have always loved the looks of antique jewelry, but being single mom could never afford it-Yeah you can go out to other websites that are cheaper, but trust me when I say I have tried many others and NONE COMPARE to Thank you for a beautiful ring and be looking for me to make my next order.

Name:      E. Roberts
City/State: Ga


I am thrilled with the 3 rings i have bought from jewelers studio! my first was the s101, 1 and half carat round tiffany. i got it for mother's day. i was a little worried about such a large stone, but im glad i got it, it took my breath away when i opened the box! i have a real 1 caret tiffany solitaire and this one shines sooooooooooo much more! i have received so many compliments on the ring. i also a few months ago got the antique princess cut with the trillion side stones and the matching one caret band. they are STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have also received TONS of complements on them, they are truly beautiful, and the prices are amazing. i will be buying many more rings from here. im so glad i was searching the web and stumbled on ur website. i am a wedding ring junkie, i dont like to wear the same set everyday and this site makes it easy to have a few diff sets to play with. and after almost losing the diamond out of my original engagement ring cz is the way to go! and the Russian off this site is the most beautiful cz's i have ever seen, they REALLY sparkle! i would recommend anyone to buy from this site, and i already have my eye on a 10th wedding anniversary present!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for the gr8 jewelry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name:      Marie
City State: Encino, CA


I got 3 rings from Jeweler's Studio and their products are just wonderful.  They are also very reasonably priced and the service, especially, by Dominic, is simply excellent.  More power to you!

Name:      Becky
City State: sutter Ca


I have been looking for quality CZS for a long time!!! I bought from different online networks only to be disappointed by the product itself.. When I found this site and read all the rave reviews I was ecstatic and decided to order.. after talking to Holly I knew I did the right thing and any nervousness  I had faded.. I had already ordered one ring and inquired about another using sapphires for the side stones not only did my rings arrive in a timely fashion but the stones and the design was superb.. They didn't look like  washed out stones but  radiating gems of beauty.

Thank you jewelers studio for going the extra mile!!! not only in your stones but your beautiful creativity as well.

Name:      Lisa
City State: Chicago, IL


Thank you!! I got the A111P and A107P, and they are absolutely beautiful. The rings are beautifully made and the stones are gorgeous. I can't wait to show them off. Thank you so much, I'll definitely be back :)


I just opened it up. OH MY GOODNESS AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!! It is beautiful!!! The mounting is gorgeous and the stones look huge now. I am so happy I chose that mounting. I will wear this ring for years and still be as happy and proud of it as I was the minute I opened the pretty box. I really appreciate everything you did for me. I am setting here at my staring at it.

I love it!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you again for all you did for me…. S. Curtis.

I received the rings today..... I LOVE them! Can't wait to show my husband, I know he will agree they look so nice (I can't tell the difference between my original wedding set, which is real diamonds) I will look so forward to wearing this set as my "every day" wedding set! And thanks so much for delivering so fast and in time for our anniversary this weekend, it means so much! I will probably be back again for Christmas :)


I just wanted to say thank you so very very much!!!! I'm delighted to have found you.  Expect me to be a repeat customer.  Please use my testimonial for future buyers who are hesitant.  I would advise them to save their hard earned money & definitely buy one of your rings.  CZ is amazingly real looking!  I already got complements on my rings.  :)  Also your customer service is amazing!  First time that I was able to reach a live person instead of a voice recording.  Thank you again!!!


Monica from Seattle

Name:      Stephanie
City State: Plano,TX


I received my beautiful ring and WOW!!! You guys are true to your word. I'm so glad I found y'all!

Stephanie  Plano, TX

Dear Mr Tronolone,

My fiancé and I were looking at engagement rings,  I was hesitant to spend a fortune on a diamond, feeling like a down payment on a house and money for our future together was far more important.  He really wanted to give me a ring.  When I came across your site online I knew I had the answer!!!  I had looked at many other cz websites, but was impressed by the testimonials on your site.   I wanted something simple yet elegant.  We decided on the S101  a 3/4 carat ring in white gold.  It came in  three days and is gorgeous!!!  I have received so many compliments on my "diamond" and it didn't break the bank!  Thank you so much!  We will be back!

Mary W.

Name:      Michelle B
City State: Chicago, IL


I just received my second purchase from your company and I have to say once again I was not disappointed.  No One and I mean no one, not even my jeweler that I purchase other jewelry from knows my rings are not real diamonds.  The sparkle/shine and quality of not only the stones but the settings they are in are spectacular.  I get comments every day on how beautiful my engagement/wedding ring are and only my husband and I know they are CZ.  I have an amazing ring that would cost over $14,000 if it were real (and I would never leave the house with it on if it was) and I am just as happy if not happier because I didn't have to spend a small fortune to have something just as beautiful.

I highly recommend the Cushion Cut 1.6 carat stone - it is amazing.  Compared next to a real one of the same size I have to tell you mine looks so much better!  I would recommend your site to friends and family but I don't want them to know my little secret :)  So instead I will recommend it here for anyone who is on the fence on whether they should buy man made diamond vs the real thing.  Let me just say this - Why not buy man made?  If I spent the money on the real thing I would never truly enjoy it, I would constantly worry about it - what if I lost it?  What if something happened to it?  Now I have no worries.  I just enjoy it!

Name:      B
City/State: AZ


I originally ordered a 14k gold A100 princess-cut cz ring.  After doing a bit of research on metals and realizing that sterling silver was more suitable for my busy lifestyle (I was afraid of denting/scratching the gold), I called Jewelers Studio and spoke with Holly who assured me switching my order to silver would be no problem.  He informed me the A100 was out of stock and recommended the A119P as it is very similar and he had it in stock.  It was great that he really cared about my time-sensitive order.  My A119P arrived two days later, it is GORGEOUS, and my refund from the price difference of the two rings came the same day.  I can honestly say, I am shocked and thrilled to find a company who will actually treat their customers great even when they are LOSING money from the original deal!!  I would recommend e14k/Jewelers Studio to everyone-- even though I might want to keep this place my little secret :)

Name:      S
City/State: MD


I have ordered several items from Jewelers Studio, and have been exceptionally pleased with all of them. The craftsmanship is excellent, the settings are heavy and solid, and the stones are clear and gorgeous. I would not hesitate to purchase from them in the future, and have recommended them to several of my family and friends.

Name:      VH
City/State: Southern, NJ


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this company! They go far and beyond in quality and service. My favorite is their Moissanite Jewelry. I refuse to buy anywhere else! They are the BEST! Purchase with confidence. You will NOT be disappointed! I am a customer for life! Thank you, Jewelers Studio!

Name:      Vikki
City/State: Denver, CO


The quality of the 2 different sets that I've ordered from this site is phenomenal.  The styles far surpass everything else I've ever purchased...and I've purchased a lot of jewelry in my day!  The prices are about 1/2 of what you'd pay anywhere else.  The customer service, here, is also beyond words- Jewelers Studio has exceeded my expectations and has gone above and beyond for me!  I would highly recommend doing business with Jewelers Studio!  Sincerely,  Vikki- COLORADO

Name:      Karen
City/State: Perkinston, MS


I received my rings a few days ago and am extremely impressed with the quality of the mountings.  I didn't think anyone was making truly heavy quality jewelry like this any more.  But I really want to comment on the stones.  I had seen an 'experts' opinion that a cubic was a difference in them no matter where they were from.  THAT IS NOT TRUE.  I am blessed to have a very high quality diamond solitaire, a 1 carat cluster, a 2 carat dinner ring and an assortment of Absolute (HSN) and Bella Luce (JTV) CZ's and I have nothing that comes even close to the sparkle of these stones.
They are glorious and I am more than pleased with my purchase!!!

I just wanted to let ya'll know, recently I went to a jewelry store and asked them to clean my ring that I got from ya'll. He cleaned it and looked at it and asked me if he could take a look at it under the microscope. I agreed, although a little hesitant because I dare not tell people its a fake diamond!! He looked at it a total of about 10 minutes and was AMAZED. He offered me a trade in on a new ring of almost $7000 !!! He took it to another employee and she was just as amazed. He told me he would classify it as a SI - J. I laughed the entire way out of the store. If he would have offered cash, I would have taken it and ran!!! You should be very happy to make such quality stones that fool the "experts". I get SOOOOO many compliments on my cz ring.

I just received item number S201P - Russian CZ Tulipset Princess Solitaire Engagement Ring.  The ring is absolutely stunning and the quality is exceptional.  I truly appreciate the fast shipping and the courteous customer service.  Your company is by far the best that I have ever purchased from. I am extremely pleased with the workmanship and will treasure my ring for many years to come.  I purchased this ring as an anniversary present and chose not to go with traditional diamonds because of the expense. When I placed my order, I did not know what to expect.  Your stone far exceeds any diamond on the market when it comes to clarity and cut. I could not be happier.  Thank you so much for making my anniversary special and for making me such a beautiful ring.  Have a great day!


Tina P.

I am very appreciative of everything Jeweler's Studio has agreed to do to upgrade my wedding set.  A few years ago when we decided to marry we did not have a lot of money to get a quality diamond wedding set, for myself and my husband.  A friend of mine referred me to your company and raved about the stunning Russian CZ Antique wedding sets and outstanding service at the Jeweler's Studio.  So we bought my husband's ring at a local store and decided to purchase the beautiful A111,A107 from your web store.  We have never been disappointed. 


Jacqueline Reagan-Guerra

I looked and looked for something just a little different, beautiful and inexpensive. My fiance and I decided to go with a CZ mounted in the A404 for my engagement ring. We also purchased our wedding rings from Jewelers Studio. I absolutely love our rings. The pictures don't do them justice. All three rings we purchased were just beautiful. I am very pleased with the decision to purchase our rings from Jewelers Studio. Thank you.

Name:      Alisa Dinwiddie
City/State: Eldon, Missouri

My husband was a bit unhappy that I wanted to get this ring with the CZ, he said he would rather have a small stone than something that would look fake but I felt really good about this sight and talked him into letting me get it, I got the A102 ½ ct CZ Antique/Deco solitaire ring, and it is so much more stunning than I thought it would be, and even my husband is very happy with it, I have had other CZ's from companies that claimed they would look real, but this is the first time that has been true!! I am so happy all my friends are so jealous, this is really good for girls with smaller fingers it really stands out, thanks so much!! I will be back!!

City/State: Opelika, AL

My fiancée bought my engagement ring stone-a 3.5 carat princess cut from here and it is wonderful. Nobody knows that it is fake. they all believe it is real and I love that. I am not a normal girl who wants a huge diamond. This stone is just as pretty as a real diamond but doesn't have the high cost. Keep up the good work and I will pass the word on about your store.


I just received my necklace (#8246) and it is absolutely beautiful, I couldn't be any happier...THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!


My wife asked for earrings that matched the ones Nicole Richie was wearing on an interview with Dianne Sawyer except that she would like them in a princess cut. As I scoured the internet I found your site and the exact earrings she desired and at a very inexpensive price too! I promptly place my order and she LOVED them and could not believe I found exactly what she wanted. I only found one other pair kind of like them but at 5 times the price compared to what I paid here. Thanks for the quick turn-around and the wonderful product!


I received my ring yesterday and it is absolutely gorgeous!  Not only were you the only online jeweler I could find who was willing to replace my stones and repair my existing ring, but you gave me an excellent price to boot.  The quality of your workmanship and customer service was first class.  Next month, I plan to order princess cut Russian cz earrings! 

As a side note: The ring that Jeweler Studios fixed for me was a ring that I purchased from a company in California that sells significantly overpriced "Russian Brilliants."  The Russian brilliants in my original ring cost ten times the amount and don't have half the brilliance of the Russian CZ stones that Jeweler Studios replaced in my ring. Save your money and buy with Jeweler Studios...Thanks again!

SW 9/21

Hi, I just received my beautiful ring today and I am using it as my engagement ring.  My wedding band has carved roses on it and this ring looks perfect against it.  The pink cz is the sweetest shade of pink and the 1/2 caret in the antique floral white gold is so pretty.  You have the nicest antique style rings I have seen and your shipping is so quick.  Thank you so much for a ring I will cherish for a long time. I am so happy.                      

Sincerely  Mrs. Mary D.

Thank you!  I wanted to let you know that I've received more compliments on the rings that I bought from you than any of my real diamond pieces...I have to say that the rings actually appear more beautiful every day that I wear them! 

In fact, I had lunch with a colleague who spent over $10k on her round brilliant platinum antique wedding set and she couldn't stop admiring my rings...The stones shone brilliantly next to her 1 carat F V1 stone! 

When I first received the set, I was afraid that the stone looked too good to true...but after wearing it for a few days I am absolutely thrilled with the brilliance and fire (not too much though!) of your stones!  Well, I just wanted to thank you again for offering such a beautiful & affordable product. 4/30/07

                                                                               THANK YOU
                                                                       CATHY S.



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