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Pink Cubic Zirconia stones (CZ)

PINK COLORED STONES. Order Round Stones Below.
Call For Pricing and Ordering for other shapes!

Our pink cubic zirconia will cut glass!

Russian Pink CZ    "Gem Quality" Cubic Zirconia

Our Pink Cz Stone Are ( AAAAA ) Quality which means there will be no better quality

russian cz, cubic zirconia, cz diamonds

     Our Pink Russian CZs are the finest cubic zirconia diamonds available. 
Just as there are many different grades of diamonds, there are also many 
different grades of cubic zirconia stones. Superior cutting & polishing, 
for maximum brilliance, create a noticeable difference between our Russian 
CZs and the conventional grades of cubic zirconia which are mass produced 
and commercially cut with minimal finishing techniques.
     Selected from the finest CZ crystals, experienced cutters facet and hand polish each Russian CZ stone 
to the same specifications used for diamonds (set forth by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America), 
So you will always be assured that your Russian CZ is of the best quality & to exact diamond cutting standards

     When these Russian CZs are compared to fine diamonds, many experts can not distinguish the difference 
without the aid of sophisticated gemological equipment.
Russian CZs have a dispersion greater than diamond, 
and this produces an abundance of color play & "fire".

     Don't be "fooled" by other fancy brand names. Our CZs have all the durability, fire, luster, & brilliance 
as other advertised "brand" names like signity, QVC diamonique, russian ice, russian brilliant, ziamond, etc.

How Pink Russian CZ's are Cut.


 russian cz, cubic zirconia, russian ice, faux diamond  The "secret" for keeping Pink CZ's brilliance, sparkle, & fire is: to KEEP THEM CLEAN !!
 cubic zirconia, cz stones, loose cz's, russian cz  Caring for your CZ Jewelry
1... Cubic Zirconia that is set in Karat-gold or sterling silver can be worn everyday.
2... While almost as hard as diamonds, even diamonds can chip if hit the right way. So take precautions, 
such as removing    jewelry when doing heavy work.
3... Soap can leave a sparkle-dimming film, so remove your CZ jewelry before showering or cleaning. 
Similarly, remove jewelry when applying makeup and face/body powder, as they can dull its shine.
4... Have your jewelry checked by a jeweler regularly. He will check for loose settings and 
professionally clean the jewelry as well.

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  Cleaning Your CZ Jewelry
1... The more you clean your CZ jewelry the more spectacular it will look. All jewelry loses its 
beauty if soap, hand cream, dirt and body oils collect and solidify on it.
2... The best way to clean your CZ jewelry is to soak it in a brand-name liquid jewelry cleaner. 
Most solutions come with a small, soft brush for hard to reach areas. For better cleaning, use an 
ultrasonic cleaner with cleaning solution.
3... In between clean-ups, polish with a chamois cloth or cotton towel.
4... Have your jewelry professionally cleaned & checked regularly, He will check for loose 
settings, as well do a superior cleaning job.

Chemical composition -- ZrO2- Zirconium oxide plus yttrium or calcium.
Color -- Colorless when pure, but many colors are provided by small chemical additives..
Refractive Index -- 2.23  (singly refractive).
Dispersion-- .060-.066.
Durability-- Hardness  8.5.
Specific Gravity -- 5.65 - 5.8  (gm/cm3)
Crystal structure -- Isometric (cubic).

Jewelers Studio Lifetime Guarantee

Our Russian CZs are covered by a Lifetime Guarantee to retain their original brilliance and luster 
and against cracking or chipping under normal wear. In the unlikely event this should ever happen, 
Jewelers Studio will provide a replacement gem at no charge to the original purchaser.

Pink Cubic Zirconia Stones Cutting Pictorial

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