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This is  "ROXY" 
She's an AKC registered Pomeranian and was born in December 1997.

rox092299dsmlthm.jpg (4043 bytes)

roxy3smlthm.jpg (3627 bytes)
6 months

rox120698smlthm.jpg (5119 bytes)
1  years

Halloweenedtsmlthm.jpg (4494 bytes)

roxxmasedt4smlthm.jpg (4669 bytes)

Roxy7mosmlthm.jpg (4401 bytes)

roxypetthm.jpg (4350 bytes)
Mom ?
roxyum0599ridesmlthm.jpg (3460 bytes)
Kitty ride
roxyum012200aasmlthm.jpg (3925 bytes)
w/ her Kitten
roxyum012200earlicksmlthm.jpg (4159 bytes)
Sharing secrets ?

roxyum012200asmlthm.jpg (3854 bytes)

roxyum012200touchsmlthm.jpg (3553 bytes)

roxyamndasmlthm.jpg (5219 bytes)
w/ friend
rox092299bsmlthm.jpg (3285 bytes)
roxyeat2072299smlthm.jpg (4240 bytes)
roxy4smlthm.jpg (3988 bytes)
6 months

rox092299smlthm.jpg (3888 bytes)
Sit pretty

roxyokly2smlthm.jpg (3146 bytes)
Cool Dog

roxy5smlthm.jpg (4220 bytes)
Cutie Pie!
roxxmas19982smlthm.jpg (5551 bytes)
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yum012200smlthm.jpg (3463 bytes)

yum0599belly3smlthm.jpg (3865 bytes)

She weighs around  4 3/4 pounds,  and is about 8 inches tall at the shoulders.. 11 inches total

So far her accomplished tricks are to:
Sit, Stay, Lay down, Shake, Sit pretty, Kiss, Speak, Fetch, Wave bye-bye, Stand up (on 2 legs), Walk (on 2 legs), Crawl, Roll over, Jump (through hoops), Look sad, and hide your eyes/ look shy. Now learning to pick-up her toys.

Needless to say ( from all the tricks) she is extremely intelligent!!!!  She is also very "Personable", outgoing, & friendly, and especially loves children. She comes to the office with me everyday, so she is very accustomed to people! She Barks very little & even rings a bell on the door (instead of barking) to go out.

And loves to pose for Photos!!!  

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